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We limit the number of senior sessions we take for several reasons:

1. They are exhausting! Yes we LOVE what we do, and that is one reason why they're so tiring. I pour myself into every session, and each session is unique; We never do the same shot twice. We may go to the same location, but each shot is designed to fit the individual's personality. This is a win/win - we get spectacular shots we can brag about, and you get senior pictures that look like no others! This leads us to reason...

2. We only allow a specific number of shoots per school so we CAN remain exclusive and unique. Too many seniors complain that their pictures look just like everyone else's. We choose to limit the number of sessions we book at each high school to ensure unique locations. That way your pictures won't look like anybody else's. You like a location? You like someone's pictures? Great! We can use those ideas as a catalyst to customize your session to fit YOU and only YOU.

3. We have kids. A lot of them - five to be exact. And senior sessions require a highly skilled photographer. The downside for us is that the photographer is a parent of those five kids, so we have to schedule these shoots for when they don't have any activities that conflict. Our time is limited. Four of the kiddos are teenagers and one is a senior, so we get it!

4. Retouching, retouching, retouching! Senior shoots, unlike any others, require a lot of retouching. A drooling 18 month old is cute to a parent, but a zit on an 18 year old is terror for a teen. We retouch every image you see. And with our seniors, we often end up with 150 images. Lots of work.

Now the problem with these sessions is that now EVERYBODY wants to get in on it. The good news is we have been shooting lots of seniors from schools outside of our market area (beyond the metro), so there's still some spots for Kansas City seniors this fall! 

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