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About AMP seniors

Abundant Moments Photography has been a trusted name for twenty six years. Brides and Grooms love us, parents love us - but why should the high school senior love us?


Parents love us because of...

1. Affordability

2. Quality

3. Customer service

4. Fast - booking quickly, turnaround

5. Christian atmosphere - no cleavage or bikini shots here!

6. And (most importantly) we have the ability to capture who their teen really is, something even most parents can't figure out! 


Now, why should the high school senior choose us over everyone else? 

1. Same as 6 above. We will capture who you really are.

2. Refer back to number 1. Okay, just kidding. We ALL have fun doing it.

3. Your pictures will be UNIQUE (see our availability page to learn how we make sure no one's pictures are like yours.)


So click on the contact page or pick up the phone now and GET your free in person consultation BOOKED now! (We require an in person consultation so that we can serve you at the highest level and meet all of your needs!)

816-537-5256 Debra or Greg